14 Florida Tech Faculty Named Among Top 2% of Scientists

List Maintained by Stanford University Focuses on Citations

MELBOURNE, FLA. — A list updated for 2023 that ranks scientists around the world based on standardized academic citations of their work includes 14 current and former Florida Tech faculty members.

Titled the “Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators” and maintained by Stanford University, the October 2023 version of the list features 204,643 scientists rated for career-long work and 210,198 for a single year snapshot using citations received during the 2022 calendar year.

The lists examine 22 scientific fields and 174 subfields.

Here are the included Florida Tech faculty:


Single year:

Lakshmikantham has passed away.

“We know the faculty members in labs and classrooms across Florida Tech are among the tops in their fields, and this database confirms that and reminds us just how special a Florida Tech education truly is,” said Florida Tech President John Nicklow. “We congratulate this group and offer our thanks to all of our professors for helping to shape the next generation of thinkers, leaders and visionaries.”

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