5 Ways to Think Like a Cybersecurity Master’s Student

“I became interested in studying at Florida Tech after I learned that the university’s Information Assurance and Cybersecurity degree program is designated by the Department of Homeland Security Agency as a Center of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity Research,” said cybersecurity master’s student Julia Torres.

Here’s a quick checklist from Torres that you can follow to help secure your computer.

1. Keep your network secure
My home wireless network is secured and you should make sure yours is too. To secure your wireless network, access you Wi-Fi router setting via the web interface and customize your default password to meet WPA2 security standards

2. Be password happy
I always make sure a password is enabled in order to access my computer. I also take it a step future and enable lockscreen setting to keep out those sneaky remote intruders.

3. Stay updated
Yeah, those pesky Windows update pop-ups are annoying, but they are necessary. Always run your Windows updates if they are supported by your computer’s architecture. Don’t put this off.

4. Firewall yourself  
Keep your Windows firewall on- ALWAYS!

5. Back that thing up
My important data is regularly backed up using cloud services AND an external storage device. You never know when that hard drive will crash on you.


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