Accident Alert System Helps First Responders

Four computer and electrical engineering students are the brains behind “Security System for Automobiles,”a car accident alert system designed to detect both accidents and the presence of alcohol. The project also informs the authorities and emergency responders of the accident location using GPS and GSM.

The project detects the accident with a 3-axis accelerometer student Abdelaziz Alghamdi said. If the vehicle rolls over or moves at angle greater than the standard angle, the accelerator determines if the accident alert should be sent out. When determining drunk driving, a Mq3 sensor can pick up the presence of alcohol on the driver’s breath.

Accident Alert System The GSM modem is used to send the vehicle’s position in the form of longitude and latitude coordinates through SMS text messaging. The location is then retrieved using GPS. The team built an Android application for the purpose of converting latitude and longitude coordinates in the SMS message to show the user the location on a map.

In addition, a Raspberry Pi camera with ultrasonic distance measuring sensor can be used as a reverse camera. The feed from the camera is on an LCD screen with a distance read-out underneath.

Accident Alert System“Nowadays, many accidents that happen on roads are due to speeding and also due to drunk driving,” Alghamdi said, “And in many situations, the ambulance and police authority are not informed in time. Many lives could be saved if emergency services can get an accident alert and location in time.”

Alghamdi believes student design provides an opportunity for students to master a variety of skills, such as teamwork, time management, problem solving, as well as geting a taste of the real world.

“I encourage students to benefit as much as possible of their time while working on their senior year projects,” Alghamdi said. “Because working on a senior project develops capacities that are not conventionally taught.”

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