‘Brain-Controlled Wheelchair,’ Radiation Detector Among 2019 Showcase Winners

Florida Tech Student Design Projects Embodied STEM Concepts     

MELBOURNE, FLA. — With 135 projects capturing the power, complexity and elegance of STEM, the Northrop Grumman Engineering & Science Student Design Showcase at Florida Tech April 12 offered tough choices for the dozens of industry professionals who had to pick the best entries.

Judges spoke of the quality of the students’ work and their ability to find innovative solutions to real-world challenges.

“We really believe that in addition to learning, doing is really important,” Northrop Grumman’s Bob Klein, a member of the Florida Tech Board of Trustees, told students gathered for the awards ceremony. “I’m just so impressed with all of your accomplishments.” 

Along with winners in each of 13 categories, top projects were recognized with awards from Northrop Grumman and Florida Tech President Dwayne McCay. This year also saw the awarding of three new honors for most entrepreneurial, most innovative, and best/most social impact.

President’s Cup Award Winners

Engineering: “Piston Damping System,” David Zanni, Tyler Crawford, Trevor Gebelein, Garrett Jacobellis, Barbara Shreve, Randi Stewart, Alana Thornton.

Science: “In-Flight Radiation Detector,” Zachary Paul, Devon Madden.

Northrop Grumman Best in Show

Engineering: “Nixus” pneumatic compression device, Thomas Ward, Ariana Eichler, Samantha Schultz, Daniel Mastellar.

Science: “Locomotory Response to Undulatory Swimmers in Two-Phase Biogels,” Bindi Mahesh Nagda.

Entrepreneurial Award: “Nixus.”

Innovation Award: “ee.motion – A Brain-Controlled Wheelchair,” David Cisek, Oceane Fruchet, Raoul Kurian, Tucker LeBreton, Karla Marquez.

Social Impact Award: “Geranylgeranylacetone Increases Lifespan and Suppresses Alzheimer’s Disease-Related Phenotypes in C. elegans,” Isiah Mossiah, Sabrina M. Perez.

Best in Show category winners

Aerospace Engineering: “NASA Robotic Mining Competition,” Matthew Bernier, Donovan Southwell, Kittiwin Kumlungmak, Daniel Penaranda, Taewook Lee, Bindi Nagda, Marlisa Lim, Tim Porath, Andy Griscom, Daryl George, Kleanthis Tegos, Evangeline Minet.

Biological Sciences: “Bioremediation of perchlorate contaminants from Martian water,” David Handy, Alejandro Perez, Cynthia Montanez.

Biomedical Engineering: “Nixus,” Thomas Ward, Ariana Eichler, Samantha Schultz, Daniel Mastellar.

Chemical Engineering: “Enhancing Sulfuric Acid Alkylation via Rotating Packed Bed Reactor,” Logan Sweeney, Antoine Mora, Tyler Brentzel.

Civil Engineering and Construction Management: “Florida Tech Center for Engineering Research and Innovation (CRI),” Victoria Pavsic, Dan Flock, Shubham Desai, Quinn Duffy, Agathe Malmberg, Christopher Peterson.

Computer Science and Software Engineering: “ICED,” Daniel Campos, Kevin Crowley, George Nelson, Thomas van Haastrecht.

Electrical and Computer Engineering: “Formula SAE Electric Charge Cart,” Jacob Hamilton, Vincenzo Catanza, Adnan Al Sabagh, Anas Alddarwish, Trevaris Warren, Filip Dujmic, Zeyad Alwarthan, Sam Crocker, Dan Cantres, Sebastian D’Uva, Abdulaziz AlYahmadi.

Marine Biology, Oceanography and Environmental Sciences: “Genetic Relatedness and Connectivity in Great White Sharks (Carcharadon carcharias) from the Pacific Coast of Baja, Mexico,” Ken Ogborn, Nicolette Murphey.  

Ocean Engineering: “Reef Life,” Brittany LaPadula, Stephen Hammond, Jenna Katrina, Jack Mueller, Emily Perron, George Robinson, Brett Robinson.

Mathematical Sciences: “Locomotory Response of Undulatory Swimmers in Two-Phase Biogels,” Bindi Mahesh Nagda.

Mechanical Engineering: “Sun Nuclear Water Pumping Reservoir,” Spencer Caldwell, Clinton Kannenberg, Jeff Stanifer, John Linn, Ljubomir Garvic, Chen Han, Qurat-ul-Ain Panjwani, Jicmat Ali, Michael Anderson.

Physics and Space Sciences: “Simulating a Detector at an Electron Ion Collider,” Akshath Wikramanayake.

Sustainability: “Modeling Potential Reductions of Nutrient Outflows in Stormwater Using Eco-Certified Lawns,” Abigail Hardman, Thomas Stevens.

To learn more about these and other projects in the Northrop Grumman Engineering & Science Student Design Showcase, click here.


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