In Michael’s Wake, Florida Tech Faculty Available to Talk Extreme Weather

With hurricane season in full swing and unpredictable weather all around us, faculty experts from Florida Tech are available to offer commentary and insight on various key topics.

They can discuss hurricanes, lightning strikes, flooding, beach erosion, weather damage, transportation issues, evacuations, the psychology of extreme weather and more.

  • Hurricane modeling and wind damage to structures; insurance loss; storm mitigation measures; safeguarding structures; post-storm cleanup

Expert: Jean-Paul Pinelli, professor of civil engineering

  • Wind damage to structures; storm mitigation measures; safeguarding home, business and infrastructure; and post-storm cleanup

Expert: Albert Bleakley, program chair, Civil Engineering and Construction Management

  • Psychological effects before and after an extreme weather event, and managing stress

Expert: Victoria Follette, chair and professor of clinical psychology

  • The science of hurricanes, coastal meteorology, wind and wave modeling, thunderstorms, lightning and climate change

Expert: Steven Lazarus, professor of ocean sciences

  • Marine meteorology and coastal beach erosion due to storm surge

Expert: George Maul, professor of oceanography and fellow of the American Meteorological Society

  • Evacuation decisions and transportation issues

Expert: Rodrigo Mesa-Arango, assistant professor, head of Transportation Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering and Construction Management

  • Lightning over land vs over ocean, including lightning activities during hurricanes

Expert: Amitabh Nag, professor, physics and space sciences

  • Lightning science, from formation to ground strikes

Expert: Hamid Rassoul, Distinguished University Professor, physics and space sciences, former dean, College of Science

  • Hurricane wind and pressure measurements via wireless sensor network

Expert: Chelakara Subramanian, professor, aerospace engineering

To arrange telephone, in-person or on-camera interviews, please contact University News Bureau Chief Adam Lowenstein at or 321-674-8964 or Communications Officer Ryan Randall at or 321-674-8937.


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