Florida Tech Institute for Cross Cultural Management Appoints Senior Fellow

MELBOURNE, FLA.—Adis Maria Vila, J.D., MBA, has been appointed a Senior Fellow of the Florida Institute of Technology Institute for Cross Cultural Management (ICCM) in the School of Psychology. She will be a mentor to ICCM faculty and staff, focus on development issues, and provide content for stories, blog posts and other ICCM outreach.

Vila immigrated to the United States from Cuba at age 8, working throughout high school, college and law school. At age 27 she was accepted as a White House Fellow and has since served in many government leadership positions. These include former secretary of administration at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and secretary of the Department of Administration for the state of Florida. She also was the first chief diversity officer at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and recently joined the INSIGHT Into Diversity Editorial Board. She has served as a professor of international business and international law at numerous colleges and universities and has been a practicing attorney in business and real estate law.

“A focus on the individual’s needs and interests leads directly to employee motivation, engagement and loyalty,” said Vila. “For example, organizations may include mentoring responsibilities for a senior employee to best use his or her expertise. By shaping a job to optimally fit an individual employee’s unique situation, the organization not only minimizes turnover, but advances as a global competitor. I am delighted to associate with the ICCM, a first-rate institution committed to developing in students and professionals alike the skills required to successfully guide organizations in the global marketplace,” said Vila.

Vila has worked for Nestle SA at its world headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland, has led U.S. government efforts while at the Department of State and Department of Commerce and has been vice president of two multinational companies. Throughout these experiences, she says:

“It has been clear to me that an appreciation for others’ national cultures and an understanding of the different organizational cultures at the companies and government agencies where I have worked over more than 35 years is key to getting important work done. Sharing my experiences with those committed to preparing others for a more integrated world is a privilege.”

To learn more about ICCM, visit http://research.fit.edu/iccm.

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The ICCM was founded to serve as a resource for global organizations facing the challenges of operating in a global environment. We provide answers to difficult cross-cultural issues through innovative, rigorous research. We then translate and transfer those findings into well-designed solutions for the real world needs of global organizations. Our mission is to develop leaders and organizations to succeed in the global environment through evidence based research and programs.

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