Florida Tech to Host International Workshop on Risk-Taking in Life-Critical Systems March 3-7

MELBOURNE, FLA—Florida Institute of Technology will host an international workshop on “Risk-Taking in Life-Critical Systems March 3-7 in the F.W. Olin Engineering Complex Room 118 auditorium. The workshop is sponsored by the PUF (Partner University Funds), a French-American cultural exchange. The lectures are free of charge.

The workshop will focus on why people need to take risks to survive in the short- or longer-term. Lectures will present risk taking and risk assessment and will survey methods, techniques and tools that are available for risk prevention, management and recovery. The workshop goal is to generate data for use in a book, Risk Taking in Our Changing Twenty-first Century Socio-Technical World.

International lecturers will include Rene Amalberti, M.D.; Thierry Bellet; Guy A. Boy; Marco Carvalho of Florida Tech; Bill Connor, experimental test pilot; Ondrej Doule; Anna Hill, artist; Ludovic Loine, submariner; Patrick Millot; Marie-Pierre Pacaux; Donald Platt; Kara Schmitt; Winston Scott, former astronaut; Anabela Simoes; Lucas Stephane; and Robert Wears. The event is coordinated by Guy Boy, director of the Human-Centered Design Institute at Florida Tech. The Embassy of France in the US will be represented by its Scientific Attaché Dr. Nicolas Florsch.

For more information, visit: http://my.fit.edu/~gboy/RiskTaking2014/Home.html. To register send an email message to dcaballe@fitedu.

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