Florida Tech unveils Spring 2019 edition of Discovery

The Spring 2019 edition of Florida Tech’s research magazine, Discovery, is now available. This edition features:

  • Small Package, Big Impact.
    Technological shrinkage, seen in cell phones computers and more, has coming to satellites, spurring excitement about the oversized impact these shoebox-sized devices can have in research and beyond.
  • Cybersecurity 2.0
    Tapping into autonomous cyber defense, machine learning, artificial intelligence, biometrics and human-computer interaction, Florida Tech is exploring new pathways in cybersecurity.
  • Buggin’ Out
    In Darby Proctor’s classroom, cockroaches wear backpacks, run mazes and help bring complex neuroscience concepts to vivid, and cringeworthy for some, life.
  • Research Past and Future
    In 1987, Florida Tech named its first vice president for research. Since then, the university has become a leading national research institution. What’s next?
  • Reducing Runway Incursions
    An unpermitted vehicle or person on the runway has almost certainly delayed your flight one time or another. Florida Tech researchers are working to better understand these incidents- and how to curtail them.

This magazine, and Florida Tech’s Discovery archive, is available here.

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