Florida Tech Formula Team Off to the Senior Design Races

The Florida Tech Formula Motorsports team is already off to the races with this year’s senior design project. Two months ahead of schedule, they’ve rolled out the chassis and are set to start putting the other components in place.

With a team comprised of 28 undergrads and seniors, this is more than just a senior design project, it’s a club project.

Formula Team
The 28-member Formula team discusses the next step in building their formula car for senior design project.

“We want to give volunteers the opportunity to come in on the ground floor,” Ashton Tassinari, senior team leader, said. “We’re trying to push the carry-over from year to year.”

Since the club builds a car and races it every year, it’s important to train undergrads to take over. They allow all students at all levels to take part in the design, manufacturing, testing and racing of the formula-style car in SAE’s collegiate design competition series.

“Not just engineers are needed,” Tassinari said. “We need business majors too to help design and pitch a business plan. We take all majors. We don’t care if you’ve never turned a wrench.”

Formula Team
The Florida Tech Formula Team encourages volunteers from all majors and years.

This inclusiveness and organization from the senior leaders is what makes this year’s team such a success.

“I love working on hands-on projects,“ Hunter Lee, mechanical engineering junior, said. “This is a super dynamic team. I was at their first meeting, so I’ve seen the whole design process. They trusted me with designing the chassis of the car.”

They are always taking volunteers. So if you’d like to join the team, check out their Facebook page, Florida Tech Formula Motorsports.


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