ICCM Project Inspires Pet-Friendly Changes at Orlando Airport

Enlisted to help the Orlando International Airport (MCO) in its quest to become the first internationally recognized culturally competent airport, the university’s Institute for Cross Cultural Management (ICCM) is already making an impact.

The project is led by a diverse, multidisciplinary team, including industrial/organizational psychology graduate students. While the partnership was established to consult on all international and cultural matters throughout the design, construction, operations and development of the airport’s new $1.8 billion South Terminal Complex, it has sparked change in existing airport wings, as well.

In November, MCO revealed its new “Service Animal Relief Areas,” post-security locations where travelers can bring their furry companions to relieve themselves and safely dispose of the waste.

“A small change our project helped to inspire!” the ICCM wrote in a Facebook post. “Our project may be about culture, but many of the outcomes are about customer experience in general!”

The South Terminal Complex, as well as a revamped culturally competent, customer-centric “Orlando Experience” throughout the airport, is expected to be complete in spring 2021.

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