Scott Center for Autism Treatment Offers Parent Training Program for Families in Need Via Telemedicine

MELBOURNE, FLA –Florida Institute of Technology’s Scott Center for Autism Treatment will begin parent training via telemedicine. Thirty families will receive services free of charge, under $142,000 in grants obtained by Ivy Chong, from the State of Florida (Agency for Persons with Disabilities) and the Harper Family Charitable Foundation Inc. The program, “Learning to Live with Autism,” will provide a one-day clinic evaluation and 10 weeks of training to 30 underserved families from all over the state (valued at over $2,000.00).

Recent estimates indicate that 1/ 88 children are diagnosed autism. Individuals diagnosed with autism have trouble communicating and interacting socially with others. Additionally, individuals diagnosed with autism may also exhibit other unique challenges, such as aggression, property destruction, and noncompliance. The goal of the program is to provide evaluation and recommendations to parents or caregivers living with a child diagnosed with autism (if suspected, diagnostic evaluation will be provided). Following evaluation at the clinic, ten weeks of parent training will provided via telemedicine. Recommendations specific to the child and family needs will also be provided.

For more information or to request an application packet, visit or call (321) 674-8106.

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