Smiles, Excitement and Sweat: Orientation, Move-In Have Campus Buzzing

Generally, Sundays tend to be quiet on college campuses. Generally, but not always.

Sunday, Aug. 14 was one of those exceptions. More than 1,100 students came through Florida Tech’s innovative drive-through orientation that day. Involving no fewer than 12 different campus departments, the three-year-old process, hatched in the wake of the COVID pandemic in 2020, is a symphony of coordination and welcoming.

“The drive-through orientation showcases how the Florida Tech campus community embraces our new students,” noted Greg Connell, assistant vice president of housing and campus services.

That coordination, including 63 orientation leaders and four lead staff, makes for a smooth and quick process. Students and their families receive their residence hall keys among other materials, and once the drive-through is completed head off to unload – if they get a chance.

More often than not, they didn’t, as 136 fraternity and sorority members helped move the students in.

“New students and their families quickly check-in and have their personal belongings unloaded by Greek Life students before the new students even park their car,” Connell said. “The expedited process allows new students to spend the rest of the day exploring the campus, buying their textbooks, and decorating their rooms so they are ready for orientation week.”

Here’s a look at some of the sights from that busy Sunday.

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