Florida Tech, Florida Prep Launch Dual Enrollment Program

Agreement Opens Pathway from
High School to Aviation Career

MELBOURNE, FLA. — Florida Tech and Melbourne-based Florida Preparatory Academy have agreed to a dual enrollment program that will allow students in their junior year at Florida Prep to enroll in Florida Tech’s flight program, saving thousands of dollars in tuition fees and providing them a jump-start toward careers in commercial aviation.

The program, which will begin in 2020, allows Florida Prep students to complete 21 dual-enrollment credits, as well as to earn a private pilot license from F.I.T. Aviation. Classes in the program include Introduction to Aircraft Systems, Aviation Meteorology and Aeronautics. The completed dual-enrollment credits would apply to a bachelor’s degree in Florida Tech’s College of Aeronautics.

Any Florida Prep senior who has completed at least six credits at Florida Tech with a 3.0 or better GPA is guaranteed admission to Florida Tech upon completion of the full-time undergraduate admission process.

“This ‘Prep to Tech’ partnership is a springboard into the world of commercial aviation, and we expect it to be a popular option for motivated students looking to move into the airline industry,” said Florida Prep President Marshall Willman. “With the demand for pilots worldwide expected to grow, this is an amazing opportunity to move forward with a lucrative future career.”

Brian Ehrlich, vice president for enrollment management at Florida Tech, said the agreement brings together two strong education providers on the Space Coast.

“We’re able to take Florida Tech’s strength in STEM education and the services that we provide on an academic level and bring that to an excellent high school and students who are well-deserving of that access to our education,” he said. “One of the most important things we can do in higher education is prepare students for the future, and I think this partnership is something that really does that.”

Learn more about dual enrollment at Florida Tech at www.fit.edu/dual-enrollment/ and at Florida Prep at www.flprep.com/academics/dual-enrollment.


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