Celebrate the Radiation, Inc. Archives

Join Evans Library and the Harry P. Weber University Archives and Special Collections in celebrating Radiation, Inc. on October 15, 2019 at 2 p.m. on the first floor of the Library. This event is open to all. You will see archival items from our collections as well as meet former Radiation, Inc. employees.

Homer Denius and George Shaw founded Radiation Inc. in Melbourne, Florida in 1950. The engineers of the new company were pioneers of electronics for the space and defense industries. They specialized in advanced radio communications including PCM telemetry, satellite earth stations, spacecraft electronics, electronic surveillance and satellite reconnaissance applications critically important to the nation’s security. In 1967, only seventeen years after Radiation, Inc. was founded, the company had grown to 5,000 employees and was acquired by Harris Corporation.

Some of the Radiation, Inc. employees saved memorabilia and documentation about their engineering accomplishments at the dawn of the Information Age. The University Archives houses the Radiation Inc. Archives as an online collection covering the years 1950-1975.  

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