College of Aeronautics Alumnus Assumes New Position in Lifelong Entertainment Career

Kimball Keller ’91, aviation management

How, exactly, does one become a top leader at a Wild West theme park?

As go many of the best stories, Kimball Keller ’91 has followed a circuitous path to get where he is today. While pursuing everything from law enforcement to aviation, earning an aviation management degree from Florida Tech, the entertainment industry has always called his name.

“I have been in entertainment since age 5 and have always been involved in it, from being a professional clown, a circus ringmaster and in television shows, commercials and industrial films,” Keller says. “I have even been on ‘America’s Most Wanted’ four times as a police officer.”

Having worked for several large-production shows, like the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus and the Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Feud in Tennessee, he recently became the general manager of Tweetsie Railroad, a Wild West adventure theme park in North Carolina, overseeing the entire amusement park operation.

A self-professed “fun getter-doner,” Keller enjoys the creative freedom the job offers and the amazing teams he supervises.

“I employ the leadership method of building others up and encouraging them to be awesome,” Keller says. “I love getting right in the middle of the project and helping.”

Q & A

Power of invisibility or flight?: Flight, of course!

Spirit animal: Horse

Favorite ’90s jam: R.E.M. or Garth [Brooks]

Thoughts on garden gnomes:  Lol never gave it much thought!

Skittles or M&M’s?: M&M’s, for sure.

What would you name your boat if you had one?: I do, and her name is Phatt Amiee.

Messy or tidy?: I try to be tidy.

Useless talent: Clogging

Fictional character you wish were real: Iron Man—having the ability to fly in a metal suit

Your perfect day: One where everything goes right!

If your life were a song, which would it be?: “Over the Rainbow” by IZ

World’s best invention: The airplane

Trend you’re totally over: Boys wearing high-waters and shoes with no socks. Oh, and man buns.

Favorite Florida Tech memory: Living in the dorm my first year!

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