College of Business Alumna Inspires Students to Spread Wings in the Wide World of Business

Stacey O’Hara, a 2010 alumna of the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business, volunteered to meet with Florida Tech students to share her insights about being an Executive Team Leader for the U.S. retailer Target.  She stopped by the College of Business on September 22nd and met with business students to share her passion for the retail industry.

Stacey’s home base is now Las Vegas, Nevada.  After graduation, Stacey was driving through the city and decided to apply for a management position with Target.  A native Floridian, Stacey welcomed the opportunity to start her career in a different part of the United States.  Based on her experience, Stacey encourages Florida Tech graduates to spread their wings and explore new opportunities in the global world of business.

Stacey successfully double majored in Business Administration and Information Management.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in both business degree programs. Stacey was inducted into the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business chapter of the Delta Mu Delta, “a business honor society that recognizes and encourages academic excellence of students at qualifying colleges and universities.”

Dr. Carstens and Ms. O’Hara Discuss Careers Goals

Dr. Deborah Carstens has stayed in contact with Stacey as she transitioned from Florida Tech student to an executive team leader.  Dr. Carstens fondly recalls having Stacey in her BUS 4583 Senior Project class. “Stacey – she was always extremely motivated, dedicated and talented. Being a leader comes natural to her and I’m thrilled to see her success as a valued team member for Target!  Dr. Carstens adds, “Our alumni obtain great experience through hands-on class assignments and our practicum program where students are placed in a real-world, business environment. Business students have an advantage when they graduate, as they have learned tools and techniques that can be immediately applied in their job!”

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