Dr. Christian Marin-Muller ’03, Changing Lives with Biotech

Christian Marín-Müller, PhD, is changing the face of cancer research. After earning his bachelor of science in molecular biology from Florida Tech in 2003, he went on to earn his master of science in entrepreneurial biotechnology from Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Management and his PhD in molecular virology and microbiology from Baylor College of Medicine.

Currently, Dr. Marín-Müller serves as the chief executive officer at Speratum (which means hope in Latin), a company developing leading-edge therapies for aggressive cancers. He has worked in the field of cancer therapeutics for nearly a decade, with a specific focus on the use of RNA interference technology and development of nanotechnology-based delivery of therapeutics against solid tumors. He is also co-inventor of a therapeutic miRNA treatment.

In addition to his focus on research, Dr. Marín-Müller focuses on the business of biotech as well. He has co-founded several biotechnology and service companies and has worked as a consultant for multiple start-up and governmental organizations, contributing to the development of projects ranging from medical devices to HIV vaccine investigation.

“At Florida Tech I didn’t just learn molecular biology, I learned the dynamics of applied research and cultivated the passion to create new technologies to shape the future of health. That same passion is helping me lead my team to success today,” states Dr. Marín-Müller.

Dr. Marín-Müller was named one of the Top Ten Entrepreneurs under Age Thirty in Ohio by Inside Business magazine in 2006. While at Baylor, he received the Molecular Surgeon Young Investigator Award in 2008 and 2009, the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas Fellowship in 2010 and 2011, the Dan L. Duncan Cancer Center Symposium Award in 2010, and the International Center for Professional Development Scholar Award in 2011. He received the Innovadores de América Science and Technology award in 2018.

Dr. Marín-Müller was featured in Florida Tech’s 60th Anniversary special edition book, “60 for 60: Celebrating Sixty Years of Alumni at Florida Institute of Technology.” Copies are available for purchase here.

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