FTAA Offers Job Search Support … Partners with Alumni Agent

We proudly announce our partnership with Alumni Agent. Alumniagent.com is a unique career job site dedicated to connecting employers to job seekers from their alma mater and with employers interested in hiring alumni from FIT. With the job market as congested as it is, Alumni Agent provides FIT alumni with a competitive advantage, the proverbial “foot-in-the-door.” Create a customized profile page, upload your photo, specify your job requirements, including salary, location and position, and let the recruiters come to you.

Whether you are a recent graduate or have been in the job market for years, please take advantage of our partnership and let alumniagent.com help you with your job search.

Alumni Agent Summary

Use Alumni Agent to assist you in your job search. Alumni Agent connects FIT alumni with companies specifically interested in hiring FIT alumni: Panthers hiring Panthers. Whether you are looking for a first job or have been in the job market for several years, Alumni Agent serves as your alumni job search community focused on connecting alumni employers to alumni job seekers. Some of the features are:

Exclusive jobs for FIT alumni
Communicate with your alumni community
Get your “foot in the door” for your career
Personalized profile page with photo
Specify your job requirements
Upload multiple résumés
Save customized job searches, weekly job recommendations and access to career resources.

This service is provided to you free by your alumni association. Start your job search now by signing up for your Alumni Agent online account at Alumniagent.com.

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