Humanities Alumna Turns Passion for Problem-Solving into Law Career

Kate Broderick ’10, ’14 M.S.

Kate Broderick ’10, ’14 M.S., is associate counsel with the corporate governance and transactions group at American International Group Inc. (AIG) in New York City.

A necessary element in a global company with hundreds of subsidiaries, Broderick’s corporate governance team works on complex intercompany agreements and transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions, resolutions and board consents.

“Corporate governance is a very niche, but important, area of law,” Broderick says. “Almost any major lawsuit against a company trickles back to improper corporate governance.”

While earning her bachelor’s degree in humanities and master’s degree in global strategic communication at Florida Tech, Broderick developed a true love of learning and learned to be a creative innovator and proactive problem-solver.

“The ‘global’ emphasis has been instrumentally helpful, as I interface with teams across the globe on a daily basis,” she says. “Having the intercultural competencies developed at Florida Tech has informed my project management process to help further multijurisdictional transactions.”

In her downtime, Broderick paints, enjoys classes in screenwriting, fiction and improv and delves into the evolving cybersecurity area of law.

Q & A

Power of invisibility or flight?: Invisibility

Spirit animal: Red panda

Favorite ’90s jam: “Bitter Sweet Symphony”

Thoughts on garden gnomes: So tacky that they circle back to cute

Skittles or M&M’s?: Skittles

What would you name your boat if you had one?: Peregrine

Messy or tidy?: Tidy at work, messy at home

Useless talent: I can tell if something is real gold or silver, or plated, by touch.

Fictional character you wish were real: Mr. Darcy

Favorite Florida Tech memory: Walking through “the Jungle”

Cover of Florida Tech Magazine's fall ’20 issue featuring Furaha Merritt, an information systems senior and president of the Black Student Union

This piece was featured in the fall 2020 edition of Florida Tech Magazine.

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