Mr. William G. Roy Receives Nathan M. Bisk College of Business Outstanding Alumni Award

Mr. William G. Roy received the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business Outstanding Alumni Award on November 5th at the Florida Tech Alumni Association Homecoming Awards Gala Homecoming Nights 2011. He was accompanied by his wife Barbara Roy and family members James Cummings, Jan Roy Cummings, Lynne Roy, and Kasey Repass.

Mr. “Bill” Roy has a MS degree in Contract and Acquisition Management from Florida Tech. He also has a JD degree from LaSalle Extension University and has been a member of the Bar Association since 1960. He is a retired Lieutenant Commander from the United States Navy.

He is a former faculty and strong supporter of Florida Tech. Most recently, Mr. and Mrs. Roy established the Barbara A. and William G. Roy Fellowship in the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business to help support a student each year working on a graduate degree in Contract Management.

Mr. Roy worked for years at Cape Canaveral on a range of projects. He managed the Matador Missile Tests, MACE, Recoverable Missile Tests and the three parachutes system that was later modified and used on the Moon Rocket Program. Mr. Roy was heavily involved as Contract Manager and Director in both NASA’s Gemini Project and the Apollo Moon Project.

In 1965, Mr. Roy was approached by his friend, Dr. Jerry Kueper at Florida Tech, about teaching at the university. Mr. Roy proposed a Master’s program in Contract Management and he offer to teach it. The program was extremely popular, as demonstrated by 84 students registering for the class and 116 showing up for the first evening session. The graduate program continues to be offered today through the College of Business Department of Extended Studies.

Mr. Roy is a former attorney for Dow Chemical Corporation. Mr. Roy began at Dow first as their international attorney, then as corporate counsel at the world headquarters. He served on the presidential commission for review of all federal government procurement laws, rules and regulations.

Bill and Barbara Roy

Mr. Roy is a world-traveler taking many trips with his wife Barbara. He loves to meet people from all different cultures. Mr. and Mrs. Roy are known for supporting young people from across the globe in pursuit of educational aspirations.

Dean Becker and Mr. and Mrs. Roy at the Homecoming Awards Gala

The Nathan M. Bisk College of Business is pleased to acknowledge Mr. Roy’s many years of involvement by presenting him with the Outstanding Alumni Award for 2011.  Mr. Roy is truly an ambassador for Florida Tech’s College of Business.



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