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A Curated List Of Giftable Gear Made By Panthers

With the end of the year around the corner, gift-giving lists are probably starting to bubble up to the foreground of your mind. To help you head off a holiday headache, we’ve curated a list of giftable gear made by Panthers. Supporting your Florida Tech peers’ businesses and getting your lists checked off early? Win-win.

Merchandise from Creatively CiCi, business created by Cecilia Dockery ’11, biological sciences

Creatively CiCi

Starting at $6

Years ago, Cecilia Dockery ’11, biological sciences, aquaculture, learned modern calligraphy and hand lettering, leading to a love of watercolor painting. When she picked up working with resin for a single project, she was hooked. Now, she makes keychains, bookmarks and tumblers using epoxy, glitter, vinyl and more. She says, “There are ready-to-ship items, but custom and personalized items are always an option!”

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Merchandise from Adorned by Adanna, business created by Adanna Ryce ’14, civil engineering

Adorned by Adanna


Established in 2017, the shop started out as a way for Adanna Ryce ’14, civil engineering, to make handmade gifts for her loved ones for Christmas. This creative endeavor spawned a love for crafting and experimenting with accessories. She says, “I am just having fun!”

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Merchandise from Bubba's Flags and Home Decor, business created by Bubba DiFabio ’06, psychology

Bubba’s Flags and Home Decor

Starting at $125

If you’re looking for a custom woodworked piece, look no further. During the pandemic, Bubba DiFabio ’06, psychology, sought a new hobby and made a flag for his wife. After completing the flag, he began taking orders and has expanded over the past year. He says, “I make hand-carved wooden flags, stove covers and liquor cabinets in various colors and sizes, and customization is available upon request.”

Merchandise from Ruby & Co., business created by Lindsey Bessing ’21 MBA, health care management

Ruby & Co.


While on maternity leave with her third baby, Lindsey Bessing ’21 MBA, health care management, was overwhelmed with how nearly all baby gear on the market was in neon colors. Her remedy was to design safe, affordable products in modern colors and unique styles. Bessing says, “Everything we sell, we also use. So rest assured, they are the safest on the market!”

Promo Code: RUBY15 for 15% off

Merchandise from Fox Flow Art, business created by Erin Fox ’17 MBA, marketing

Fox Flow Art


Inspired by the Space Coast, Erin Fox ’17 MBA, marketing, creates resin artwork and crafts—from flat canvas resin pieces to woven art, dimensional panels to coasters and more. During the holidays, she makes coastal-themed ornaments and stocking stuffers. She says, “Fellow Panthers love the Florida ornament with the heart over Florida Tech!”

Merchandise from Rocket Knits, business created by Barbara Kennedy ’18, civil engineering

Rocket Knits


Engineer by day, knitter by night! In 2020, Barbara Kennedy ’18, civil engineering, lost the ability to walk—for the second time in her life. But, as she says, “When the going gets tough, the tough get knitting!” Now, with full walking abilities restored, Kennedy still knits almost every day to bring these beautiful accessories to market.

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Merchandise from EK Dezoti, business created by Eryck Dzotsi ’05, management information systems

EK Dezoti


Eryck Dzotsi ’05, management information systems, has long been fascinated by the fluidity and strength found in the water and in the human body and dreamed of designs to bring to life. Now, his avant-garde designs, blending Western couture with bold, vibrant tropical patterns, have inspired a clothing and accessories line of swimwear, resortwear, watches and sunglasses. The website jokes that although the brand officially launched in 2018, it was really established in 1983—when Dzotsi was born.

Merchandise from Dugout Mugs, business created by Randall Thompson ’11, business administration

Dugout Mugs


The Dugout Mug was dreamed up in the dugout at Florida Tech. After Randall Thompson ’11, business administration, graduated, he signed with the Toronto Blue Jays. About a year later, he left the Blue Jays and tried his hand at coaching at Florida Tech. One day, the hitting coach, Matt Mecurio, was creating a training tool for his hitters by cutting wooden baseball bats in half with a handsaw. “Laying around the dugout were bat barrels,” Thompson says. “I looked at one, and said, ‘Huh, that could be a cool drinking mug.'” The rest is history.

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Merchandise from MHiLL Shoes, business created by Matthew Thomas ’07, business administration

MHiLL Shoes


While earning his degree at Florida Tech, Matthew Thomas ’07, busi­ness administration, played four years on the Florida Tech men’s basketball team. After graduating, Thomas paired his love for basketball with his business prowess to design and manufacture high-end sneakers.

Merchandise from Sea Threads, business created by Dylan Cross ’19, business & environmental studies

Sea Threads


Founded by Dylan Cross ’19, business & environmental studies, during his junior year at Florida Tech, Sea Threads makes apparel from recycled plastic—each shirt is made from 1 lb. of plastic removed directly from the ocean. Face masks and neck gaiters are also available. Cross says, “In addition to the Sea Threads signature line, we now offer the ability for others to customize our merchandise!”

Promo Code: THREADS2021 for 10% off

Merchandise from Sculpted by Elise, business created by Jaida Hall, junior, humanities-prelaw

Sculpted by Elise


At the ripe age of 18, Jaida Hall, current junior, humanities-prelaw, wanted to make a difference in the world—and inspire young people to do more and to do better. With fitness being one of her passions, Hall decided to create her own athletic and athleisure wear for men and women to feel comfortable and confident in. She says, “Do what the world says you cant do, do the unimaginable, and most of all, be the change.”

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