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This year Career Management Services would like to take the time to share with the work experience stories of Florida Tech students and alumni. This is a chance for everyone to see your amazing work and accomplishments. Our first spotlight is featuring Traviss H. Powell who graduate in 2012 and is now working for Frontier Airlines.

Name:  Traviss H. Powell, Alumni Class of 2012

Major/Minor:  Aviation Management

Name of Company: Frontier Airlines

Location:  Denver, CO.

Personal Story (How did you hear about the work opportunity?):

After graduating, I went on numerous job sites to find my first post college job, or as most graduates call it “first big boy (or girl) job.” After finding the position for Crew Scheduler for Frontier Airlines, I applied for the position and got a phone call about 4 days later. They flew me out for an in person interview with the manager for the department. After getting back from Denver, I went to Melbourne to visit with some of my fraternity brothers and friends who were still in the Melbourne area, where I got a phone call the day after Fourth of July saying I got the position.

What were some of the challenges you faced?:

The main challenge was moving from my home town of Winter Haven, FL. to Denver, CO. Along with the relocation, the next challenge was to get used to the altitude difference between the Mile High City and Florida.

What were some of your successes?:

My main successes were getting the highest scores in company history for the Crew Scheduling Qualification Exam and the new FAA Regulations Proficiency Exam.  I also have gained recognition from several managers and a director for my work ethics.

What did you learn? 

 I learned that it is worth to take the shot to move away from your comfort zone and embrace new areas. You might find out it’s where you find the rest of your life.


If you are a Florida Institute of Technology student or alumni that would like to share their work experience story, please email for more information.

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