Triple Alumna Fulfills Childhood Goal to Work on Spacecraft

Casey Hoffman ’05, ’07 M.S., ’10 M.S.

Casey Hoffman ’05, ’07 M.S., ’10 M.S., has over 15 years of combined spacecraft experience, having worked on the James Webb Space Telescope, space shuttle Discovery, Dream Chaser, the Orion Spacecraft, the Ares I-X rocket programs, Astrobotic—part of the NASA Commercial Lunar Payloads program—and the electrical engineering solutions team at Ball Aerospace. Most recently, she became lead lunar electrical engineer at Masten Space Systems, contracted on the NASA Commercial Lunar Payload Services program.

From Florida Tech, Hoffman earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and master’s degrees in space systems and space systems management. In her spare time, she is a race car driver in her Z06 Corvette, having won fourth place at nationals in the SSL class, is a retired professional gamer with two world championship wins under her belt, enjoys building and flying RC helicopters and, occasionally, works on abstract paintings. She has been interested in space since she was a child.

“When I was little, I was watching PBS a lot, and I was watching ‘Cosmos,’ and something Stephen Hawking talked about was like, if we’re going to survive as a species in this giant galaxy of ours, it’s like, we have to get off the one little rock we live on,” Hoffman said on local Emmy award-winning PBS39 TV program, “The Future is Female: Women, Space and NASA.



ALTERNATE CAREER: Race car driver.

YOUR VICE: Final Fantasy XIV (video game).

FAVORITE FLORIDA TECH MEMORY: Hanging out in the Rat with my friends playing pool and eating cheap pizza! 

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This piece was featured in the spring 2022 edition of Florida Tech Magazine.

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