13 Signs an Astronomy Major Might be Right for You

How do you know if an astronomy major is the right path for you? Eratosthenes could be considered the first astronomy major since he first discovered that the planet Earth was round and not flat like everyone had thought. We have come a long way since people believed sailors risked falling off the Earth’s edge when they went to sea.

You might be an Astronomy Major if…

1. The staff of your local science museum and the planetarium both ask you to give the tour when somebody calls out sick — and you do it, even if you have a date with you.

2. When most people were roasting marshmallows over a campfire, you were picking out Cassiopeia and Ursa Major.

3. Your chiropractor is on speed dial for the frequent neck adjustments you need from all the looking up at the stars you do.

astronomy major
This is a planetary nebula which means it’s the hot gas cloud surrounding a dead or dying star. Photo taken by Don Schumacher, Jr. M.S., Space Sciences, Florida Tech Class of 2011.

4. You already filled out the application to be considered for the first colony on Mars.

5. Your favorite television show is “The Big Bang Theory.”

6. If you could be any television character you would be Howard Wolowitz (dickies and all) because he went to space.

7. You have recurring dreams of visiting faraway planets and when you wake up you’re disappointed to be on Earth.

8. You spent more money on your last telescope than most people did on their last car.

9. Your heroes are Einstein, Galilei and Brahe, and you don’t care if nobody else knows who Brahe is.

10. You troll the NASA website and other space-related websites so often that you may have landed on a watch list or two.

11. You can name the astronauts on previous space missions the way most baseball fans can name the players on a World Series team.

12. You get as excited at the thought of meeting Buzz Aldrin or Mike Massimino as someone else might get about meeting Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift.

13. You do everything short of wrapping yourself in bubble wrap to protect yourself from breaking a bone, since a broken bone can disqualify you from becoming an astronaut.

As an astronomy major you will gain both knowledge and the application of scientific principles in the study of space and everything it contains. A career in astronomy can lead to some great jobs. Astronomers can teach at universities, conduct research for government agencies or work with private companies exploring the final frontier for future business ventures.

Florida Institute of Technology’s astronomy majors conduct observational and theoretical studies on white dwarf stars, M dwarf stars and cataclysmic variable systems. You can join in on this research and have access to it as an astronomy major and astrophysics major, as well as pursuing an advanced degree at FIT upon graduation.  Download the Degree in Astronomy & Astrophysics Brochure for more information on this exciting program.


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