22 days and counting down the seconds!

by Christy

There are only 22 days until orientation and only 21 days until my flight down to Florida. A lot has happened since my acceptance at Florida Tech. I got my housing assignment, I “spoke” to my roommates via email, Facebook, texting, etc., I “met” other incoming students and current students the same way, I got my schedule, and even had time to work and take a summer class.

I mentioned that I spoke to my roommates; we’re all marine biology majors, so that’s pretty cool. From what I’ve learned about my roommates, I would definitely say that Florida Tech did a good job in pairing us off. Now, I’m going to have three roommates because I chose to live in Columbia Village which is suite style living for freshman (four bedrooms, a common area, bathroom, etc). If you live in the regular dorm buildings, you’ll have one bedroom that is shared between two people, but both are good options. If you’re scared that you may not get along with your roommate or you don’t know how they’re going to act or what they’re interested in, send them an email, get to know them. I emailed my roommates the first week I got their emails, and Shelby and I even got to the point where we play epic games of scrabble through the Application “words with friends”(which by the way, I’m the current total game winner with 2 wins and 1 loss!)

One of the cool things I’ve noticed about Florida Tech while I’ve been doing a bit of research is how many clubs and organizations they offer too! There’s pretty much a club for any interest you may have. Interested in science fiction and fantasy? There’s a club for that! Are you a surfer or a sailor? There are clubs for that! More into acting and singing? Guess what?! There are clubs for those things too! Florida Tech is not only diverse in majors, but there are so many clubs to join that you can do pretty much anything you’d like. One of my goals has always been to learn how to sail, and Florida Tech has a club for that!

The more things I decide that I’m interested in, the more I have in common with the other students attending Florida Tech (which we can discuss on the Florida Tech class of 2015 Facebook page). The Facebook page really helps us incoming students get to know each other, and current students who can tell us which sections of classes are better, which things to buy in advance and to buy when we get there, and general all around good things to know about the school and the area. No matter what you want to know, someone has an answer, or knows who to ask to get you an answer. Facebook is becoming a really good tool to get to know people before you meet them in person.

So while you’re considering Florida Tech, ask some questions! Current or incoming students (most certainly including myself) would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.


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