2nd Annual Recycle Regatta

This year the 2014 Marine & Environmental Science Camp held its Annual Recycle Regatta! All campers received a lesson in Ocean Engineering/Naval Architecture, which highlighted the consequences of a poor ship design (and user error). They were then given the opportunity to design their own ‘sail boat’. Younger campers were given juice boxes, pencils, note cards, and 2 feet of duct tape. The older campers were allowed to select their materials from a large box of donated recycled household products (e.g. egg cartons, milk jugs, soda cans).  All campers than raced the clock in a large water tank. This year’s Marine & Environmental Science Camp winners were the ‘SS Anchors’ and ‘Sharkbait’. Congrats guys! See below for photos of boat construction and racing.

Construction of ‘Sharkbait’
The ‘SS Anchors’
Campers show off their sailboats




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