Create the Place

There is a place in every developing mind to create inspiration. Inspiration ignites ones’ ambitions into reality. Inspiration gives stamina; stamina allows one to reach their full potential. Everybody has a dream that requires a full potential to achieve it. Part of having this growth mindset is creation. In other words, the cutting edge jobs of tomorrow do not exist yet. The current generation must create tomorrow’s jobs for themselves.

Over the winter break, I had the pleasure of visiting my alma mater, STEM at North County High School near Baltimore, Maryland. STEM high school built a foundation of creativity in every students’ mind. This was the place that filled my developing mind with inspiration. More specifically, it was my sophomore year in my Problem Based Learning (PBL) class. PBL consisted of teamwork exercises to solve engineering problems. Our teacher, Mr. Thompson, was too wise to become mundane as he became an adult. STEM students can learn much from a teacher like this. The best business professionals in the “real world” are anything but boring. The most inspirational moments came at the end of class. This is when Mr. Thompson truly changed our lives. He would end every class period by reciting the latin phrase,

“Vivere sit creare”

Translated to English, he was reciting, “To live is to create.” This phrase is my inspiration. It is the most true statement that anyone has ever exclaimed to me. Life does not proceed without creativity. It will take the creativity of all young professionals to create the jobs to tomorrow.

Everything that exists was created. Everything that does not exist failed to be created.

This recent visit to my alma mater high school reminded me of the important role creativity plays in the outcome of my ambitions. My place in space will not appear out of thin air. I have to create the place. My ticket to space may not be through the conventional astronaut corps that exist today. Through forward thinking, I predict that the space program twenty years from now will look entirely different than it does today. It is difficult to accept that the Mercury Seven astronauts could predict a lunar landing merely a decade from their era.

In my college career, I am seeking to create solutions to high tech problems in the scientific world. I challenge anybody who dreams to be an asset to humanity’s progression to create their places to do so.

After all, “Vivere sit creare.”



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