4 Reasons Florida Tech’s Biology Program Rocks

1. Undergraduate Research

Almost all biology majors, myself included, have gotten involved in some kind of undergraduate research. Research is available for credit hours or as a federal work-study job. There’s research in almost every specialization, and it is available to get involved in as a freshman. This is the reason I chose to come to FIT— freshman aren’t involved in this much research at any other school.

2. Small Classes

FIT boasts small class sizes. This is a huge advantage in difficult classes— professors actually have time to answer students’ questions in class and in office hours. Because of the small class sizes, I have gotten to know my professors really well. They notice the effort I put into my work and that I never miss class. And because we have small classes, the tests are usually short answer and essay formats, giving a better opportunity for us to show what we have learned compared to the straightforward answers in multiple choice tests.

3. Adviser to Student Relationships

Every FIT student has an academic adviser who they must go and talk to before registering for classes. This helped me to plan out my schedule to graduate early. Building a relationship with my adviser provided me with a solid letter of recommendation, helped me figure out a career path and gave me some of the connections I needed to get an internship. I really love my adviser and consider him my friend. If for any reason I didn’t gel with my assigned adviser, I could have switched advisers by simply asking my desired adviser to take me on as his advisee. It’s a great system that I wish all small schools had.

Dr. Carroll and one of his advisees
Dr. Carroll and one of his advisees

4. Camaraderie with All Your Professors

Some professors make classes difficult, easy, straightforward, or boring. In the biology department, however, no matter what the professor’s teaching style is, every professor seems to have a great sense of humor. I have met every professor in our department, and my friends all agree that we simply have the most funny and jovial professors on campus. Even if you don’t care for a professor’s teaching style, you’ll find it easy to laugh along with them because of their overall pleasant disposition. Come to think of it, I have had great relationships with every biology professor I’ve encountered at FIT.


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