407 COVID-19 & Children

Research by Xie, Xinyan, Xue, Q., Zhou, Y., Zhu, K., Lui, Q., Zhang, J., & Song, Ranran. (2020).

Written by Shannon Cantalupo, M.S.

COVID-19 has resulted in many changes for children and adults alike. Children used to attend school or extracurricular activities where they could see friends and socialize. Now, children stay home. How does this affect our young students? Does it produce feelings of depression and anxiety? Chinese Psychologists researched depressive and anxiety symptoms among Chinese students in Wuhan and Huangshi cities, in Hubei province, China during COVID-19.

Over 1,700 students participated in an online survey, following a month of home confinement. The survey included questions regarding worry over COVID-19, depression, and anxiety symptoms.

Results? 23percent of students reported experiencing depressive symptoms, and 19 percent of students indicated having anxiety symptoms. The results were higher for those students living in Wuhan, the epicenter for the Covid-19pandemic and denser city, than Huangshi. Additionally, less outdoor activity and less social interaction were associated with greater symptoms of depression.

Caretakers! This is an unprecedented stress fultime for all of us.Check on the children! Go for a walk, call a friend, play outside! Think of activities you can do with your kids that will benefit both your and your child’s mental health, while of course, maintaining social distancing!


Reference:Xie, X., Xue, Q., Zhou, Y., Zhu, K., Lui, Q., Zhang, J., & Song, R. (2020). Mental health status among children in home confinement during the coronavirus disease 2019 outbreak in hubei province, china. Journal of American Medical Association Pediatrics. doi: 10.1001/jamapediatrics.2020.1619: 10.1001/jamapediatrics.2020.1619

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