408 Healthcare Workers & COVID-19

Research by Lai, Jianbo, Ma, S., Wang, Y., Zhongxiang, X., Jianbo, H., Wei, N., Wu, J., … Hu, Shaohua. (2020).

Written by Shannon Cantalupo, M.S.

When news of COVID-19 broke, a worry and anxiety flooded the country. Imagine the distress of health care workers reporting to work to save those suffering from COVID-19. How is the mental health of these workers specifically affected due to COVID-19?

Chinese researchers investigated the mental health outcomes of health care workers working during COVID-19 in China. Over 1,2000 workers from 34 hospitals participated in this study. Each participant completed questionnaires assessing depression, anxiety, insomnia, and distress.

Results? More than half of the participants reported feelings of distress. Fifty percent reported depression, 44%anxiety, and34%insomnia. Furthermore, nurses, women, frontline workers, and those working within Wuhan, China reported a more severe degree of symptoms.

Healthcare workers! If you are starting to feel distressed, depressed, or anxious, refocus on the present moment. Think how important the work you are doing is. Breathe deeply. RELAX. Take a “Minute Vacation.” Imagine details of your favorite place to enjoy. Rely on your social support between shifts. Consult mental health professionals if you need help.Family and friends of healthcare workers: Ask what you can do to help. Support them!


Lai, J., Ma, S., Wang, Y., Zhongxiang, X., Jianbo, H., Wei, N., Wu, J., … Hu, S. (2020). Factors associated with mental health outcomes among health care workers exposed to coronavirus disease 2019. The Journal of American Medical Association.doi: 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2020.3976

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