5 Distractions of Freshman Year and How to Deal With Them

For most of those enrolled at Florida Tech, high school was a breeze, so entering college is an eye-opening experience. Many underestimate how challenging college can be when you have to balance academics and your social life while being so far away from home. When you enter college, there are a lot of new experiences and distractions that may tempt you to stray from your studies. Here are five distractions that are common for Florida Tech freshmen and how to avoid letting them affect your school work:

  1. Residence Hall Distractions
    The dorms at Florida Tech are not the most ideal place to study for tests. There are many distractions such as friends hanging out,  playing video games, watching movies and basically doing anything but schoolwork. The best places to get away from all of these dorm distractions are the Evans Library, Academic Support Center or Evans Study Center which is open 24/7. Evans Library is a great place to work on group presentations in private study rooms, use research resources on all four floors or study for a test on the silent fourth floor. The Academic Support Center is a great place to get help with homework, sign up for a tutor and have your papers and projects reviewed before they are submitted. Evans Study Center is always open when you need to find a quiet place to study or work on schoolwork from early in the morning to late in the afternoon.
  2. Weekend Festivities
    At Florida Tech, the weekend activities to choose from are endless. The Campus Activities Board is always planning for events for students to attend and enjoy like concerts, festivals and even snow days! If you want to get away from campus for a bit, Downtown Melbourne always has festivals, street parties and events going on throughout the day and into the night. If you are a surfer or want to get a nice tan on the weekend, the beach is always available! Indialantic Beach, minutes away from campus, is filled with shopping, restaurants and parks. In order to enjoy these without stressing about schoolwork, make sure you use the weekdays to get all of your studying and schoolwork done during breaks in between classes and at night. When you get all of your work done throughout the week, you are able to enjoy all of the weekend events with your friends, and trust me, you don’t want to miss out on all of the fun!
  3. Apps Galore
    During class, it is very easy to take your phone out and begin playing Candy Crush, scroll through Facebook, tweet or Snapchat your friend across the classroom. The more you pay attention to the lecture, the easier studying is going to be, which results in better test grades. Before you enter the classroom, make sure that your phone is on silent. Professors do not like when phones go off or when they see you focused on your phone instead of listening to the lecture. If you can’t control your temptation to beat the next level in your new app, then I would just turn your phone off completely. Ipads, tablets and laptops can also be distractions during class, so make sure to only bring them if you plan on using them for the lesson.
  4. Every Day is Summer
    If you are coming from a colder climate, it may be difficult to keep the Florida weather from distracting you on a daily basis. During my freshman year, I learned how difficult it was to stay away from the beach every day. Before you go to the beach, make sure that you complete all your necessary assignments and studying. If you can’t resist the temptation of the beach or three pools on campus, bring your textbooks and notes to study while laying in the sunshine. Always remember that it is possible to be at the beach or by the pool while being productive.
  5. College Schedule
    College class schedules are much different than what high school students are used to. As a freshman, you will be block registered for your first semester’s schedule. As a result, you may not get a schedule that makes it easy to have a productive day. You will most likely have early classes and then later classes. Make sure that you do not go back to your room and nap during the gap. Take this time to do your homework and study so you can hang out with your friends later and relax. Additionally, make sure that you plan out your second semester so you select a class schedule that fits your time management and studying practices.

All of these are distractions that you will face your freshman year, so try to make sure they do not affect your studying and schoolwork. Don’t get me wrong—these things can be good things, too. It’s all about finding the perfect balance between the hard work and the fun. When you begin college, it may be difficult to find that balance, but keep at it and you will eventually figure it out. Good luck!

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