Five Myths about Nanotechnology

Five “Busted” Nanotechnology Myths

While nanotechnology is a buzz word, there is a lot of misinformation about what it actually is.

nanotechnologyMyth 1. It’s a brand new field

It’s nothing new actually, the technology just marks a fork in the road from the old and the new. It allows scientists and engineers to achieve big things with a small infrastructure.

Myth 2. It’s a very focused field

It’s not one-size fits all, the field is huge and spreads across many disciplines. Biotechnology, construction, sustainability, fuel, electrical engineering, agriculture, and many other fields.

nanotechnologyMyth 3. It has only one measurement tool

It’s a diverse field, so nanotechnology research requires more than one type of tool, not just a scanning tunneling microscope.

Myth 4: It’s a simple solution to complex problems

Smaller doesn’t mean simpler, manipulating the technology for a specific application takes hours of research and procedural experiments. Scientists spend a lot of time on the tiny details that can make or break the technology.

Myth 5: It’s dangerous

There is a good amount of fear among lay people that nanotechnology has the potential to become out of control. In reality, nanoparticles have been around humans forever so while caution with human tinkering is smart, it should not invoke fear.

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