5 Technologies for Logistics Management Professionals

You hear the word logistics a lot these days. Logistics management is so common you even hear it in TV commercials. Based on the way it’s most commonly used, it sounds like logistics management is all about shipping. Getting products where they need to be on time is a part of logistics, but it goes much deeper than that.

Logistics management:

The process of getting the people, processes and parts your organization needs to the right places at the right times. When logistics is working well, your business is more efficient.

5 Essential Logistics Management Technologies

There are hundreds of software packages, hardware platforms and types of technology you could apply to logistics. Here are five essential technologies that are crucial to today’s logistics professionals:

1. Fleet Tracking

logistics managementDo you know where your vehicles are? GPS-based fleet tracking systems let you monitor and manage your fleet in real time from any internet-connected device. With this kind of power in your pocket, you will always know where your materials are, where they are going and when they will arrive.

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