5 Reasons to Pursue a Cybersecurity Degree

Why Florida Tech’s master’s in cybersecurity degree may be right for you

Cybersecurity is a branch of information technology that specifically deals with keeping internet access, online content and systems secure and protected from all kinds of threats. A cybersecurity degree provides information and methods for detecting and preventing breaches that could lead to cyber crimes like credit card fraud and disabling viruses.

Here are some compelling reasons to pursue a cybersecurity degree, especially one from Florida Tech.

cybersecurity degree
Keeping information safe is an important part of any organization in the digital age.

1. You will perform a vital service.

Keeping a company or organization’s data safe is vitally important to its functioning, and cybersecurity specialists are the first line against data breaches and viruses. Without good cybersecurity, an organization is vulnerable to all kinds of virtual threats that could shut it down or impair functioning.

2. You could battle a hacker.

Hackers are always portrayed as being one step ahead of the good guys, but a master’s degree in cybersecurity will give you the skills to shut the hackers down before they can cause any damage. While you might not really want to go head-to-head with a hacker, it’s got to be a thrill to have the power to do so if you need to, in order to protect your organization from threats.

3. You will always have a job.

There are currently massive shortages for cybersecurity specialists that are only predicted to grow over the next few years. Some estimates say that up to one million cybersecurity jobs are currently unfilled, with two job openings for each qualified candidate.

Not only does this severe shortage make it easy to find great jobs in the field, but it also means that you will be filling a dire need and will be greatly valued in the field for some time to come.

cybersecurity degree
Cybersecurity professionals are in high demand.

4. Your salary should continue to rise.

The laws of supply and demand dictate that salaries for cybersecurity professionals should continue to rise as long as there is a shortage of qualified talent and lots of open positions. It only stands to reason that companies will compete for the talent that is available, and part of that competition is offering the best salary.

5. You can help fill a huge gap in talent.

Doing meaningful work is important to many students and adults entering the work force today. Pursuing a career in cybersecurity will help you protect organizations from hackers and others who want to shut them down. Each cybersecurity professional trained today will help to fill the talent gap that currently exists with their expertise and skills.

The opportunity to do something meaningful with your life and get paid handsomely for it is one to consider seriously, especially when there are plentiful open positions in the field and will be for some time to come.

Florida Tech offers a degree in information assurance & cybersecurity that emphasizes real-world skills and leadership training as well as adapting to a constantly changing information technology environment. With this degree, not only will you be able to manage an organization’s cybersecurity needs, but you will also be able to manage a team within your area of expertise and come up with strategies to help the organization function at its best. Learn more about our information assurance & cybersecurity program today!


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