6 Signs Astrobiology is the Major for You

Astrobiology is the study of biology and its applications and existence in space. The study of astrobiology involves studying physics, chemistry, and biology, as well as mathematics. Astrobiologists might study how space travel impacts humans. They may research whether other planets can or do sustain any kind of biological life. And some analyze ways to sustain life on another planet or a moon.

So how do you know whether becoming an astrobiology major might be right for you? Here are some signs.

1. You have a wide range of scientific interests. 

First of all, if you can’t see yourself settling down into a mathematics, physics, or biology major and the idea of studying just one of these subjects feels limiting to you, astrobiology could be a way to integrate different branches of math and science into one subject area that uses different skills and concepts from different disciplines.

2. You are fascinated by outer space. 

Besides various scientific disciplines, astrobiology involves applying knowledge of biology and other sciences to knowledge of outer space. Chances are, the more that is learned about outer space, the more there will be to learn. This makes astrobiology an exciting, wide-open field of study.

3. You want to study for an advanced degree.

Although FIT offers an undergraduate astrobiology major, many jobs in the field will require advanced degrees, so an interest in getting a graduate degree may help you get the most out of this field.

4. You like to dream about possibilities.

Maybe no signs of life on other planets have yet been found. However signs that life could exist have. For example, the discovery of water on various planets from Mars to extrasolar planets. Dreaming about what’s possible will help get you through long days of theorizing.  Just imagine researching and developing applications that haven’t yet been dreamed of in space technologies.

The possibilities of life in distant parts of the universe are one aspect of astrobiology.

5. You like to travel. 

Because research is being conducted in collaboration with many different scientists and universities around the world, many opportunities exist to travel to different centers to conduct research. It is likely that at some point in your career, if not at many points, you could be asked to travel to other countries or distant universities within the U.S. to do research or to work.

6. You want to be on the cutting edge of science.

New discoveries and research are happening every day in the field of astrobiology, and there is still so much left to discover and learn about life on other planets and human survival in space that it is likely you will be on the cutting edge in this field for many years to come.

Florida Institute of Technology offers what may be the only undergraduate astrobiology degree in the country, with internship and research opportunities available to students. Learn more about undergraduate admissions to see all that Florida Tech can offer you.


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