6 Signs You Belong in a Logistics Career

If you are into drones, 3D printing and military games, you are probably well-suited for a logistics career. You might belong in a logistics career if…

1-You are counting down the days until your packages are all delivered by drones

If you are chomping at the bit to have your pizza delivered to your door by a drone, you might not realize how vital logistics is to your Friday night. It’s only a matter of time until logistics pros will help bring this tech to the mainstream.

2-You obsessively check the status of a delivery

From pizza delivery to Amazon orders, it’s easier than ever to get the 411 on exactly what stage your order is and most importantly how much longer until it’s in your hands. As this technology starts to integrate into other types services, logistics specialists will be right there to help make this happen.

3-You desperately want to buy a 3D Printer

Waiting on shipping is a drag – enter 3D printer. Depending on the size of the part, a 3D printer can quickly make a part right in front of your eyes. 3D printers are bound to become as commonplace as a computer.

4-You loved the game Mouse Trap as a kid

Playing Mouse Trap might have triggered a life-long fascination with Rube Goldberg machines for you.  The perfectly choreographed and timing of a successful Rube Goldberg can be mesmerizing, but it’s also a metaphor for logistics in general. Logistics streamlines an entire business’s operations, with one action triggering another.

5-You can beat a military logistics game fairly quickly (and notice many inaccuracies)

You usually think ten steps ahead when playing a game like chess or one that requires supply and demand decisions. You are likely to beat games like War in the Pacific, Uncommon Valor or Crown of Glory

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