The 7 Coolest Computer Science Degree Jobs of the Future

The future is now and the job market is growing every day for those with unique tech skill sets. The coolest tech jobs of the future start with a computer science degree but are remarkably different and diverse. Here are some of the coolest computer science degree jobs of the future, in no particular order.

1. Food Engineer

Using 3D printing technology to create food will require a chemistry and engineering background as well as computer skills. Food engineers may create unique culinary creations for restaurants. Or they may discover how to incorporate vegetables and other healthy ingredients into food in a tasty way that people will actually eat. There may come a day when everyone has a 3D food printer in the kitchen to just press a button and make food, but until then, food engineers will lead the way.

2. Personal Web Manager

As social media and personal web presences continue to expand exponentially, personal web managers will monitor people’s online reputations to be sure they are presenting themselves well and not posting anything they shouldn’t. Part publicist, part hacker and part guidance counselor, personal web managers will need tech skills along with a strong sense of what the public will see as offensive or immoral.

3. Commercial Civilian Drone Operator

Drones are coming to the skies. They  can deliver goods faster and more efficiently and pilots will be needed to operate them safely. Even passenger planes may be able to be flown

computer science degree
Parrot mini-drone

remotely in the future. A pilot’s license plus significant computer and tech experience will be needed for these positions. A computer science degree could give you a distinct advantage in this field.

4. Digital Currency Advisor

The increased popularity of digital currencies not controlled by governments (i.e. Bitcoin) will lead to the rise of digital currency advisors who know all the ins and outs of various crypto-currencies and can keep you from losing your shirt by helping you maintain a diverse portfolio. This position will combine a finance degree with computer security knowledge and experience.

5. Digital Locksmith

When technology fails, a digital locksmith will be needed to circumvent security protocols. They can open locks on cars, houses or businesses. Some hacking experience, as well as computer security knowledge, will be necessary.

6. Virtual Reality Designer

Besides using virtual reality in video games, people will be using it for things like looking at a hotel room before you book or seeing the view of a concert or sporting event from your seat before you choose it. Museums may be able to recreate historical venues or scenes and there will be many more uses for VR technology that no one has even dreamed up yet.

7. AI Expert

Anthony Alves Research Assistant
Anthony Alves, School of Computing Research Assistant, works on developing a train system that can predict and avoid collision.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will revolutionize both how people live their lives and how businesses function in the coming years. Machines can be much more efficient than their

human counterparts and function virtually error-free outside technical glitches and breakdowns. AI skills will be in high demand, so this is a good area to get into now while the technology is still young and developing.

Get The Knowledge You Need With A Computer Science Degree

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