Eight Tips for Parents of University Students

Sometimes, parents have just as difficult of a time in the first-year transition as do their students! Here are eight tips for parents to help them (and their first-year university students) during the shift from high school to higher education.

  1. Trust your student to do well during the first semester of college. You’ve done a wonderful job in helping them get this far.
  2. Communicate with your student. Ask about their first week on campus, their instructors, their roommates, and their activities. Email, phone calls, and text messages all work as ways to keep in touch.
  3. Encourage your student to get involved. Research proves that well-rounded students get better grades, have stronger mental health, and have more solid resumes than students who do not get involved on campus.
  4. Be aware of our campus resources. If your student is struggling academically, refer them to Academic Support and their course instructors. Remind them of their academic advisers and resident assistants who can help them navigate life on campus.
  5. Remember that everyone’s collegiate experience is different. University life changes for each incoming class, so your own experiences may not mirror those of your student.
  6. Let your student be a student. Sometimes, things may be difficult. Encourage your student to work through problems with their own resources on the path to becoming a successful adult.
  7. Tell your student that it is okay to ask for help. University faculty and staff applaud students who come to them with questions and a sincere desire to learn and do well.
  8. Stay informed about the University. Sign up for our parent newsletter, follow the university on Facebook or Twitter, and note important dates regarding financial aid, midterm grades, and registration.
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