95% of New Florida Tech Students Get University Financial Aid. You Can, Too!

“I really want to go to Florida Tech, but can I afford it?”

Florida Tech is more affordable than you think. Did you know that 95% of new Florida Tech students receive some type of University Financial Aid? This should be no surprise considering the lengthy list of available scholarships and grants, and nearly 70% of freshmen are eligible for them. The average package for first-year main campus students with need in 2010-11 was $29,000.

So, what you might be asking yourself:

Q: I’m wicked smart. Which University Financial Aid should I apply for?

A: Start with Academic Merit Scholarships

But, if you are like most students and have gone crossed-eyed from Google searching scholarships, check out our presentation to move in the right direction.

Q: My parents have money, but I don’t. What should I do?

A: If you find you aren’t eligible for a scholarship or grant, Florida Tech will give you a $1,000 grant just for checking out the campus, which is renewable every year when you enroll at Florida Tech. So that means $4,000 over the course of four years at Florida Tech.

For more tuition assistance, you might want to start researching student loans. There are Federal and Private options. Use this handy calculator to help determine payments.

Q: I’m a Floridian, can the Sunshine State help me out?

A: Not only does being a Floridian mean you can wear flip-flops year-round, it also means you’re eligible for Florida Bright Future Scholarships and Florida State Grants; you can also apply your Florida Prepaid College Plan to your tuition.

Q: What’s the first step?

A: After you have completed your research, start applying! Merit-based scholarship applications are due Feb 1. Federal and state grant applications are due March 1 by submitting a FAFSA.

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