A Florida Tech Social Experience

It’s week two here at Florida Tech and I’m loving it! My classes are going well, I’ve made many friends and I’ve joined a few clubs. Before I came to FIT I did some research online about reviews that students had made about the college. Some reviews online said that Florida Tech was a school with good academics, but lacking a social aspect. After two weeks I’ve found that the social life at FIT is just fantastic! There’s a club to fit every persons interests and besides the clubs there are many intra-mural sports to join. Honestly, I’ve had something to do everyday since I arrived here, whether it be club meetings, going to the RAT, having movie night with my floor, playing ultimate frisbee, or just going to the beach with some friends. Florida Tech has so much to offer with not only academics, but a very well rounded social experience.  After finishing my classes and studying I know there’s always something that I can do. I feel that it makes the college experience great since you can balance your work load with some fun  time. I was relieved when I found out that the social life here is great contrary to what I had read online.

Before I came to Florida Tech I had spoken with some students in their second year at FIT and I had asked them about the social life here. They said that “if you want to have a social life then you can have one”, and I’m happy to see that it’s true. During orientation they tell you to get involved and if you do you should have an amazing time here at FIT. I’m only two weeks in and I’ve fallen in love with everything at this school. GO PANTHERS!

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