A Guide to Living at Florida Tech

I lived in Rockville, Maryland. Not too hot, not too cold (relatively speaking of course). Seasons came with expected weather, not too bad. Moving down here changed things for me though. I had to dress differently and plan ahead even if I’m only going to my first class of the day. GONE are the days of the winter where walking outside meant freezing my hair solid.


For me, I get ready with all the usually trimmings, but I ALWAYS check the weather first. Especially in the winter months, it can still be nippy for a few hours in the morning depending how early your class is. Still, a sweater will do if its uncomfortable. Rain coming? Easy, bring an umbrella or a jacket, or both! It doesn’t usually last more than 10 minutes anyways, especially during the spring summer and fall months.

This tip threw me for a loop the first time I figured it out. Wear an undershirt, even on those SWELTERINGLY hot days. Having another thin layer on actually keeps you cool instead of making it worse (as a northerner this was new to me).


I love the Student Union Building and the food in there. Here’s a pro-tip: Buffalo Chicken Wraps are phenomenal and you will want to get in line early! Don’t believe me? Try one savory wrap for yourself; Thursdays are primo just for that reason. My meal plan doesn’t call for any meal points so I pay with Flex Cash when I come here. I always come with a group of people and we stay for an hour, maybe more, eating and laughing our free time away. Always a fresh selection at the PDH.

My favorite mode of transportation other than walking


Getting around

I have a lovely longboard. It is my pride and joy. I never long boarded much before coming here, but it is so efficient for getting around. Another Pro-Tip here: I’ve never met a teacher who doesn’t let their students bring their boards into class. Easy to store, fun to ride and not very bulky like a bike. Primo choice for getting around for me and lots of other people too.

The secret layer to make this bed so comfortable


This trick I learned from my mom (thanks mom!). The beds here are twins. I have no idea who decided a bed for one person would be called a twin but whatever. Get a foam mattress layer to put over the mattress (some people have tempur-pedic and it’s phenomenal). These beds are so comfortable I don’t sleep better anywhere else. This is true for almost everyone I talk to about as well; everyone sleeps well here! Must be the fresh air.

Here’s a picture of the mattress pad and a few others scattered throughout the article. Feel free to comment and share!

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  1. Obsessed with your blog! I’m a high school student in FL who is also interested in the aviation meteorology program. You’re blog has definitely pulled me in more, thanks for sharing all of this!

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