A LinkedIn job search helped me land my dream job

As graduation approaches, I have been searching intensely for a job. Some of the best resources in my personal experience have been LinkedIn and personal referrals. Through a LinkedIn job search, I was able to search open positions that interested me and connect with those in charge of hiring. By using a LinkedIn job search, I was able to score an interview with a Fortune 300 company!

The position I am interviewing for is basically my dream job. The company uses a recruiter to manage all their hiring, which has made the whole experience very smooth. The recruiter I have been working with has had great words of encouragement for me before each stage of the interview process and has given me valuable tips on what to expect.

The interview process began with a phone interview with the recruiter; she was basically screening applicants before moving them along to the next stage. I passed! Next, I was sent to interview directly with the company. That interview went great; I received excellent feedback immediately and was scheduled for a field ride and my final interview in the same day. Since then, I have been anxiously awaiting additional feedback and a final decision. With my future career on the line, I am finding it difficult to focus on anything else. I am grateful for the opportunity no matter what the end result.

I made it all the way through the interviewing process and some of the keys to my success were honesty, openness, a great letter of recommendation, confidence and a positive attitude. I can tell you that no matter how qualified you are for a job, you never want to go into an interview with a ‘know it all’ attitude. It is so important to be confident while remaining realistic about the fact that you will have a lot to learn. Also, be honest! The person interviewing you will appreciate genuine responses, not ones that seem scripted or rehearsed. A letter of recommendation always helps. If possible, get something from your current employer. This will prove that you have been honest and upfront about exploring new career opportunities with you current boss and will indicate that you keep lines of communication open, a quality vital to almost any job in any field. Of course dress professionally, preferably in a suit and be sure to follow up right away.

Good Luck on your LinkedIn job search and don’t forget that Florida Tech’s Career Management Services provides tools and support to help you land your dream job.

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