A Little Bit of Homework and A Little Bit of Fun

College can be a difficult task. It requires balancing all aspects of your life: studying, homework, personal time and friend time. A lot of people make the same mistakes during their first year of college, studying far too much and getting worn down, but there’s a pretty simple solution to allow yourself to have a good first, second, third, or fourth year here at Florida Tech.

Have fun!

College is a place where you can have fun and experience new things while gaining independence and a sense of self. If you’re overwhelmed and running yourself down, try doing something fun.

Fellow blogger Alejandra Dominguez and I decided that we would make a gingerbread house… in the middle of January. It was a great way to relieve stress and get away from the pressure of school just for a few hours.

Teamwork is important:

It really takes two people to build a gingerbread house, especially when you get the cheap version that doesn’t fit together very well. Ale, being the mechanical engineer that she is, was dubbed engineer of the gingerbread house, and therefore had the wonderful job of actually putting the house together.

Freezing it works!

If you’re having some trouble making your gingerbread houses and the sides just won’t stay together, try freezing it! Ale and I put our gingerbread house in the freezer, with things like salt and pepper shakers to hold up pieces of the house to keep the frame intact.

Gingerbread houses are fun!

Don’t take things too seriously. Just have fun! If you get tired of waiting to decorate your house while your partner holds it together, just decorate his/her hand. Alejandra definitely appreciated the beauty of my decorations as I got tired of waiting for the house and started lining her hand with Tootsie Rolls.


Don’t let college, or even high school, stress you out. Do some fun activity each week to keep your mind off of how much work you have to do and what responsibilities you have when. When in doubt, gingerbread houses always work!

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