A New Beginning at Florida Tech

by Matt Atiyat, Computer Science Class of 2015

High school’s over, four years have come and gone, and we’ve climbed from freshman to senior status. Now it’s time to start all over! Come August I’ll be a freshman at FIT and while you’d think it’d be depressing to think that I would have to start over with my seniority in school, I’m actually very excited. Just like freshman year of high school, freshman year of college brings new and exciting opportunities. Living away from home, taking care of yourself , buying your own groceries, and doing your own laundry are all new changes that have to take place once you move to college. I for one am really excited about my new venture into Florida Tech.

Well now that my cliche college transition introduction is over I figure I’d introduce myself! My name’s Matt and I’m an incoming freshman at Florida Tech. I’m going to be majoring in computer science and I might minor in business or graphic design. I love technology and that’s what made me choose FIT. For me a large college just made me feel lost. FIT made me seem right at home and they had exactly what I wanted to major in (it is a tech school after all). Another thing that made me choose FIT was the location. I love the beach, but where I live by the gulf we have no waves. FIT is right on the east coast which has some of the best waves and when I start there I’ll probably join the surf team! From the first moment I came to FIT I fell in love with it. I’ve been counting down the days until I get to move in and start my college life and I can’t wait to share my college experience and my time at FIT with you all on this blog!

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