A Shark Biologist’s Dream

by Christy

There is really no other way for me to avoid writing about this topic… shark week! Yes, this week is shark week, my favorite week of the year. Such a good week, that I even took half shifts at work so that I would be able to watch the new shark shows at night.

Thinking about shark week made me think about all of the great opportunities that Florida has to offer, such as SCUBA diving, snorkeling, sailing, surfing, beach volleyball, etc., all of which has just made me even more excited to move and try new things.

Connecting with other students on the Florida Tech Class of 2015 Facebook page, I was able to gauge other people’s interest in ideas that I had, such as a group diving class and the turn out was incredible! There were about 10 people right off the bat that said “hey! Count me in!” and that’s the type of attitude that you’re going to get from Panthers.  All of the Panthers and current Panthers that I’ve talked to have a great go-getter attitude and are willing to do new and interesting things. It seems almost as if everyone is willing to try these things at least once, which is a great attitude to be around.

Thinking about all of the proposed activities like skydiving and SCUBA training, made me do some research of my own to find—you guessed it—a shark diving course located right in Melbourne! Seriously, it seems as if the town of Melbourne has everything that I could ever need to stay occupied and happy—great people, the beach, epic Wal-Mart adventures with friends, and an incoming class that is willing to back other members in activities that they want to try. It’s so easy to make bonds with your fellow classmates because they’re so diverse that you can find so many different people with different interests that one of them is bound to connect with you.

So as shark week rages on and my plans of shark classes and SCUBA lessons play out with my classmates, think about the type of connection that you’re looking for with a school and its students and plan something fun because other people will join. Are you looking to surround yourself with groups of people from other states and countries who have different interests than you and are willing to share their culture and learn yours? Schedule a visit and talk to some students, you may be surprised at how comfortable you feel asking someone to be your dive partner or to go play Humans vs. Zombies.

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