A Shark Friendly Family

Nothing excites me more than waking up, checking my Facebook account, and seeing news about shark survival, protection bills being passed, etc. Waking up to see that several unselfish shark enthusiasts in Ireland saved a lot of shark pups from a slow and painful death? Priceless.

A family in Ireland ended up saving 30 shark pups from a painful death when the father saw the pups struggling in a tidal pool after the tide had gone out. Knowing that they were going to die, they drove their jeep onto the beach, placed the sharks, two at a time, into a plastic tub and drove them to the exiting tide where they could safely swim out to sea. All of the shark pups that were rescued and transported to the receding tidal waters survived and the pups swam happily away!

Needless to say the story absolutely melted my heart. As a fellow shark lover I would have (obviously) spent zero time debating and gotten right to helping these poor little pups. Just in time for shark week, Jeff Williams and his family helped these little pups back to the ocean giving them a fighting chance of survival. It’s nice to see that even though sharks are usually depicted as harmful killers, people will still show compassion towards them.

Watching the video, one can see that these sharks have no interest in harming any of the family members, including the small children—they just want to get out of the tidal pool and survive. Sharks really aren’t the evil creatures that the media (and perhaps your nightmares) depict them to be. They’re just beautiful creatures that happen to enjoy survival. Don’t we all enjoy that as well?

The next time you see an injured animal that may scare you, take a bit of courage from this Irish family and lend a helping hand—you just might find yourself feeling useful and happy.

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