A Whole New World

After a full first semester at such a diverse university, I’ve realized how much each part of the world has something special to experience. All my friends are from different places and hearing about them makes me want to travel them all. One part of this that surprised me though was how much I learned to embrace and appreciate my roots. After growing up in the same state my entire life then essentially moving all the way across the East coast, it hit me how much I should appreciate the things I can only do at home when I am at home. To expand that, because this college is so diverse, now I know I would appreciate the unique experiences anywhere I travel much more than before I attended school here. FIT has opened up my eyes to a whole new world that I can enjoy.

I go home to New Hampshire and take even more advantage of county fairs, apple picking, hiking and bonfires as opposed to movies or the mall that can be experienced anywhere. When I come back to Florida for school I grab a group of friends and hit the beach or splurge a bit and go to a concert or attraction in Orlando or Miami. I also have plenty of goals to spend some of my breaks in new places with my friends where they live in place of always going home to New Hampshire. Really FIT has made me travel better and have more fun naturally no matter where I am. It’s an energy a lot of students pick up here with so many stories other students have to share.


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