Academic Support at Florida Tech

In the heart of the Florida Tech campus, five full-time staff, three writing instructors, and twenty-five peer tutors provide academic support services for the entire student population. With services ranging from peer tutoring to learning accommodations, the Academic Support Center (ASC) serves to assist and empower students in their higher education goals.

Peer Tutoring
Most students on campus know the ASC as a tutoring center. In any given semester, twenty to thirty students serve as peer tutors in a variety of subject areas and concentrations. Tutoring takes place in one-on-one sessions for most subjects, with group studies held for the more popular math and physical science courses. Tutors are all exemplary Florida Tech students who are recommended by faculty to tutor in their major disciplines.

Writing Assistance
Several communications instructors provide writing assistance to students at the ASC. This can happen in the form of reviewing essays, editing cover letters or applications, or assisting in proofreading a paper. These are one-on-one sessions that take place during the week, with the only stipulation being that the student may not work with an instructor with whom they currently have in a class.

ASC Courses
The ASC offers two undergraduate courses during the Fall and Spring semesters that are open to all students. ASC 1000, University Experience, is the required one credit university transition course for all first-year students. ASC 1005, Strategies for Success, is a one credit course in academic and life resource management. Students take the Strategies course for a variety of reasons, but it is often required by departments and individual organizations to assist students who are struggling academically.

Disability Services
Students who have required classroom and learning accommodations can continue to receive many of those accommodations through their time at Florida Tech. The Assistant Director, Rachel Densler, works with students to ensure that they receive the necessary accommodations recommended by physicians and mental health professionals. Parents and students are encouraged to contact the ASC regarding accommodations as early as possible to ensure a smooth transition from the high school environment to the college campus.

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