Alpha Phi Omega: a Band of Brotherhood

Here’s to Alpha Phi Omega, Loyal Brothers we!” is one of the many lyrics that we sing at the end of each and every meeting for Alpha Phi Omega. However, many students and friends around campus have been asking me the same question over and over again – “Why do you wear that pin every day?” The answer is simple: I am a newly-inducted brother for one of the most influential organizations at Florida Tech, APO.

In so many words, Alpha Phi Omega (abbreviated as APO) is a co-ed community service fraternity that was established here at FIT about the same time most of the Class of 2015 took their first breath. You are probably wondering “We have a co-ed fraternity?” The answer is obviously yes, but we’re not your average fraternity. If anything, the people involved in APO are far from average at all! We are one big, happy, and diverse family with so much to give back to our campus, community, and the society as a whole.

You may be wondering as to why I am expressing not only my love for all of my brothers, but our chapter here on campus on our blog right now. Fortunately, our brotherhood is growing stronger than ever in numbers! Our recent pledge class (now brothers as well) have added tremendously to our family tree. And now that I am just recovering from my very first semester at FIT, I’m really thankful to have met everyone who is a part of APO. I loved seeing everyone from my fraternity during classes, in the hallways, eating in Panther Dining, or catching a break in the SUB. Meeting this crazy bunch that I can now call a family has helped me not only survive the stress from my midterms to my finals, but adjust to all of the different aspects surrounding college life. I probably couldn’t have done it without them. So, as a piece of advice for our second round of students entering Florida Tech in the Spring, I would definitely recommend joining an organization. No, you don’t have to come out and join immediately…take your time! Our student life clubs, recreational sports, and even GRΣΣK life are more than ecstatic to have you be a part of our fun here on campus…anytime!

Here are some quick tips that narrow down your search to the perfect club to join:

  • First, make a list of your interests – example: movies, surfing, painting, etc.
  • Next, make a list of your academic goals – example: becoming a CEO, owning a business, etc.
  • And finally, does this club interfere with my academic performance?*
*I always add this last tip in here for first time university students, it’s a must! Time management is the key to success in not only your grades but your overall enjoyment during your stay in the Sunshine State. Happy finding and good luck!

Seen above is the official logo for Alpha Phi Omega.
For more information about APO, please click here  for our chapter on campus!

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