Alumnus Establishes Endowment for Water Resources Studies

MELBOURNE, FLA.—Amvrossios “Ross” Bagtzoglou, an alumnus of Florida Institute of Technology, has established the A.C. Bagtzoglou Civil Engineering Fellowship Endowment for the Study of Water Resources in the College of Engineering. Bagtzoglou has made a 10-year pledge totaling $125,000, starting with a check for $12,500, received this month.

“Water is power, especially when it is available in temporal and spatial points that are not well distributed. The lack of it creates immense humanitarian crises, too much causes flooding and too little causes drought. Water studies will continue to be a critical area of study for the well-being of humanity,” said Bagtzoglou.

Friends, alumni and supporters of the Department of Civil Engineering are challenged to match Bagtzoglou’s gift annually. Currently, donations to total a matching $12,500 are being sought by Jan. 31, 2012, which will allow the fund to reach its initial endowed status. When fully endowed, the fund will top $250,000, which will be used for an annual graduate fellowship.

Additionally, the university has pledged a tuition remission to match Bagtzoglou’s generous annual gifts, equaling three credit hours per semester.

“This enhances the university’s ability to attract top graduate students,” said Ashok Pandit, professor and head of the Department of Civil Engineering.

“Establishing fellowships and research-related endowments creates instant credibility and prestige for the research being conducted in our department, both among peers and prospective students. We are most grateful for this visionary gift from Dr. Bagtzoglou as it will help our students and faculty for many years to come,” he added.

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